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In 30 years of executive leadership, coaching and boards, I’ve found that leaders tend to alternate between long or short periods of either:

  • Being on fire - thinking big picture and inspiring their organisation with unlimited time to talk and ideate and spend time on the things that energise them like family, sports, or travel, or..

  • Burning out – being unfocussed and stressed with too many things on their plate, back-to-back diary entries and late-night e mails, and a feeling of getting nowhere


The difference? For me, it’s focus. Focussing on the important things in both the businesses they lead and how they balance that with the life they lead.


That’s where I come in.

Leadership can be lonely and stressful at times, and it can be useful to bounce something off someone with an independent view.

With a background in both Executive Coaching and Strategy, and with years of leadership experience, I can help you focus on the things that will drive your organisation forward and help you spend more of your time being ‘on fire’ – feeling that it’s all coming naturally to you. Or simply be a shoulder to lean on, a second opinion to confirm what you know is the right thing to do, or someone to challenge and develop your thinking.

It’s like having a strategy guy and an executive coach on your team when you need it – someone 100% focussed on helping you lead a better organisation and a more balanced life.

"If you want your life and work to be meaningful, then focus on the things that matter most and spend your time, efforts and resources on those things that ARE meaningful.”
Andrey Sergeyev

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