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About Tony

I don’t really believe in having letters after your name, but it’s maybe important to share some credentials if you don’t know me yet…


I’ve a degree in business studies from trinity, an MBA from DCU and strategy qualifications from Cranfield, INSEAD and MIT. I’m familiar with hundreds of strategy frameworks and concepts, but years of developing strategic plans has led me to one conclusion – it’s all about cop-on really. Ultimately leaders and their teams either have or have access to, all the answers if they ask the right questions. However, the frameworks can help challenge leadership thinking, look at things from a different lens, or bring it together into a cohesive and compelling narrative


I’m a qualified Executive Coach and a member of the Association for Coaching and have coached senior leaders through their recruitment process, their early years and beyond. My coaching style is action focused with very little navel gazing – I am 100% focussed on helping you, but sometimes you just need a nudge to push forward. What I’m not is a Life Coach – this is about you as a leader – giving you focus, impact and energy – what you do with that energy is up to you.  


I’ve spent 20 years in senior leadership roles. Over that time, I’ve led major transformations, steered M & A activity, managed stakeholders, run sales organisations, stood on stage, coped with crises, developed teams and strategies. All the stuff you do. I’ve helped turn some organisations around and helped others grow from strength to strength – the one thing I’m proud of is that I’ve left every organisation in better shape than when I found it.

I’m also a Chartered Director and on a few boards, giving an insight into how boards think and how best to engage.  

The combination of coaching, leadership and strategy is where I thrive – working with leaders to get them to focus on the important things to make them (and their organisations) the best they can be.

The ‘soft’ stuff

Based in Clontarf and married to Olive, I’ve two growing boys, a cocker spaniel, and an interest in travel, art & sports. I mention this because I’m proud of what I’ve achieved as a leader, but I’m prouder of the life balance I’ve managed to keep while doing it.  Ensuring my organisations were well set up has allowed me to take sabbaticals, enjoy a four-day week and ultimately focus on the core of what I enjoy doing – strategic coaching two days a week with a small, focused client base who I like, and lots of time to focus on the things I’m passionate about. Come into my office and you’ll get a nice coffee, and a beautiful view of the garden, half-finished paintings, and a needy cocker spaniel.    

“People Buy into the leader before they buy into the vision”
John Maxwell

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